Sunday, January 19, 2014

How to make money with Sinple Task - PTC

Making money online is not tough but one do need to know how to find the reliable sites to join. One of the easiest is PTC as you are paid to watch some advertisement and let the clock run down. Unfortunately, there are many sites that does not last very long or simply trying to scam you.

Now here is a list of PTC sites you can definitely earn some pocket money from and if you have many active referrals you would increase your drastically. This is a list where I have receive personally.

Currently my favorite PTC because they have many daily ads and minimum 4 standard ads. If you are new to this, this is the first one you should join.

Proof of payment.

This is another one of the newer ones that have been receiving many rave reviews, and you can consider

Payment Proof

This is the one that started it all, till now all the PTC as still trying to compare themselves to them. That tells you a lot about them.

Payment Proof

The is another one that has come a long way, however they have a limit to the number of people that is able to join in each country so you might just want to join now.

This section is some of the promising new PTC, while I have yet to get any payment proof myself, I have seen it from the people whom I join from. So you might want to check it out too

I would update you guys as soon as I am able to.

For many of us, we are unlikely to attract many active referrals, so PTC is unlikely going to make you rich, however it would be able to generate some pocket money you by spending just about 30 mins a day, I think it is worth it. And if you save it up you might even be able to invest into something more profitable. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

How to make money using free advertisement

If you are promoting something online, you would need to bring your product and services in front the eyes of as many people as possible. So I got excited when I found a way how to make money using free advertisement.

How to make money using free advertisement

Many of us are on a tight budget and anything is free is welcome. However there are many site that are pretty spam and would hurt rather than help with our promotion. How does postdailyads stand apart from the other programs?

Many sites would allow you to post your advertisement for free it is like any classified advertisement site. However postdailyads provide you with other tools that would help you get free leads for your business. 

Facebook Groups Poster

Facebook is the largest social network site and there is a potential number of customers if you are able to get your message out there. However it is pretty time consuming to post your message one by one, so this Facebook group poster tool  would come in useful. 

Backpage Ad Poster

Backpage a classified ads second only to craigslist, however you are still able to get a lot of free leads from this site. This Free tool would be able to help post easier. 

LinkedIn Groups Poster

LinkedIn this the professional Facebook and if you have a serious business to promote, where else should you promote but LinkedIn.

Yahoo Groups Poster

Yahoo groups is still one of the popular way for people to post their busines and with this tool you are able to do it easily. 

There are still a host of tools for you to promote your programs. I think you would find it useful. The great thing is you are able to use it for free. of course there is an option to upgrade but you do not have to. 

If you are looking for how to make money using free advertisement to promote your business and programs. postdailyads. Join us and you would find out how to make money using free advertisement. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

How to make money playing games

It is said that you would make more money by doing the this you love to do and passionate about. I think majority of the people would love to play games, and what you say if I say you are able to learn how to make money to play games?

I would like to introduce you to a strategic game called Market Glory. This is one popular strategic game with more than 60000 facebook likes. This is how to make money playing games. 

When you first started, are likely only able to earn with working or referral fights. You are able to get a bigger percentage of earnings if your have greater Energy, Experience and Knowledge. You are able to get energy with food, milk, wine and cheese which are able to buy from the market. Experience is gathered from working and knowledge from books. 

Other ways to make money with Market Glory
Fighting : There are two forms of fighting, referral fight or Arena Fighting.
  1. Referral Fight - you are able to have 10 fight each day. The more energy you have, the more you are able to earn money. 
  2. Arena Fight - You would fight against other players and if you win, you get a percentage of their earning and if you loss you have to pay them.

Go to war - Going to war could be profitable, however it is up to government to decide to go to war and your energy need to be 20 level or above.

Share  - You can expect payout 6 times a year. 

Own company - Of course you would make money from starting your own company and this is what you need to do 

  1. You would need at least 3 golds. 
  2. Click on the companies from the menu and click make new company (free and 10 Euro Companies)
  3. Click on Manage next to your company and go to finances
  4. "Invest" in 3 gold and then "sell" 2 gold
  5. Click on the workplaces and set your wages according, the highest wages would be place on the top so you need to adjust accord to the wages of your country. 
  6. Buy raw material for your company and you can start to selling your products.

Run a Country - Apparently you are able to earn from being a minister of a certain country. 

By doing these tasks in the Market Glory Game you know how to make money playing games. There are two currencies you would earn. One the currency of the home country you chosen and Euros which you would be able withdrawn. This is How you are able to earn money playing games.  

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to make money with forex without investment

What is the secret of how to make money? Believe it or not it is no rocket science. What is require is the change of mindset. Want to make money online, you just to create the deep believe that you are able to do so and if you keep an open mind I would show you a way to make money with forex without investment. Along the way I would answer whether is forex a scam and show you a simple plan for you trade forex without investment.

Join MT5 forum to get Unlimited Bonus

Is Forex a Scam?

First to put your mind at ease, shall we explored to the question is forex a scam? Many people do not understand forex and most only understand it is risky as many people lose money on the forex market. However the forex market works just like the stock exchange but instead of stocks of companies, currency of countries are traded. 

While forex is is not a scam, however there are people would create products and associate themselves with forex to scam others, that is why people think that forex is a scam. The key, if you are interested to know how to make money with forex, is to go to the source and find the reputed broker so you get to keep your hard earn money.    

How to make money with forex without investment

I am going to show you a way where you can get unlimited bonus and how you can make use of this method to make money with forex without investment. Go join MT5 forum.

If on the first month you manage to get $100 for you bonus, Using the risk management you should use 0.02 lot size and should target 20 pips a day. 

Lets calculate with 0.01lot size each pip is worth 10 cents. Does not sound like much right?

Earning a day  - 0.01 X $0.10 X 2 X 20 pips = $4
Earning a  month - 24 (24 trading days a month) X $4 = $96

The following month you could repeat it and if you if you have not blown your bonus, you would have $200 with of bonus and double your earnings while doing the same thing. After a while you would be able to decide how much you want to earn each month. So join me at MT5 forum.

How to make money does not have to be difficult, you just need to follow this simple step I have shown you and you would know how to make money with forex without investment.